High Performance GEN3 Slipper Units

 Axial Wraith GEN3 Slipper Unit  GEN3 Slipper Units will not fail under the enormous load conditions of todays brushless motor systems. The new GEN3 Slipper Unit is a captured design to prevent slipper pad blowout and deliver maximum power to the ground. The hi-performance hardened steel spur gear will not fail or strip. Strong and tough gear teeth handle all the power you can pour on the spur gear. Aircraft grade billet aluminum backplate will not bend or break. Increased surface area of the oversized pad insures dependable performance. Less total parts reduces flex and wobble in the spur gear and slipper unit. Bearing included.
Part # Description Price
1545 Axial Wraith GEN3 Slipper Unit - 80 Tooth 48 Pitch Steel Spur/Slipper Pad/Backplate/Bearing $46.50

Axial Wraith Hi-Performance Parts

All gears are precision machined and hardened for the ultimate in reliability and performance. Axial Wraith Hardened Steel Bottom Diff Gear
Part # Description Price
1551 Axial Wraith Hardened Steel Idler Gear $14.95
1552 Axial Wraith Hardened Steel Bottom Diff Gear $19.95
1555 Axial Wraith One Piece Hardened Steel Outdrive/Diff Locker Gear $33.95
1580 Axial Wraith SuperTuff 48 Pitch 80 Tooth Plastic Spur Gear $7.95